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Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership in May 2010 produced the report Review of Land Management Provision within BOAs in Hampshire including a summary report.

The latest Partnership progress report is available 3rd Review of Progress - 2008/10.

A newsletter entitled the Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership Review 2010 summarises some key areas of recent activity and successes.

Guidance from the Partnership is available raising awareness of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in Hampshire.

The review of 2006 to 2008 shows that Partners have achieved excellent progress in half of the Partnership's 21 key objectives - 2nd Review of Progress - 2006/08

Partnership have produced a summary of how local authorities can integrate biodiversity into a wide range of services - Biodiversity Duty and Local Authorities

The Partnership have produced guidance to assist local authorities in their preparation of LDF's and Supplementary Planning Documents on Biodiversity, and inform all those concerned with biodiversity and development in Hampshire:

The State of Hampshire's Biodiversity was launched on 8th November 2006 at the Partnership's conference Biodiversity in Hampshire: Achieving a Sustainable Future. The report assesses the changes, losses and gains for wildlife in the county over the past 10 years. It also identifies the current influences affecting the health of our habitats and species.

Reviewing objectives and reporting progress is key to the biodiversity process in Hampshire and throughout the UK. The 2005/6 Review of Progress shows substantial progress in meeting the Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership's 21 key objectives.

The Partnership has published a report of key achievements from 2002 to 2004 and priorities for action in 2005 to 2007.